Flow Diagram

The flow for publishing a manuscript in Dielektrika is presented by the following flow diagram

  1. The author(s) reads publication ethics, written guidelines, and paper guidelines.
  2. The author(s) prepares the manuscript using DIELEKTRIKA’s paper style and template
  3. The author(s) sends the manuscript and ethics statement simultaneously. The ethics statement is uploaded as an additional file on the submission process. The ethics statement can be downloaded from this link.
  4. The editor checks whether the manuscript is feasible or not. The not feasible manuscript means the manuscript is “revision required” (send back) or the manuscript is â€œrejected”. The manuscript concluded as revision required means that the author(s) must improve the manuscript based on Editor’s comments, then resend it back via the DIELEKTRIKA’s OJS. The rejected manuscript means that the manuscript is not suitable/appropriate to be published in DIELEKTRIKA.
  5. For the feasible manuscripts, the Editor selects at least two reviewers and submits the manuscript to the selected reviewers for review.
  6. Reviewers (best partners) who have been assigned, review the manuscripts and submit the results of the review to the editor. The review is done online and the reviewers provide substantial comments using Review Form or directly comment on the manuscript. The Review Form is available in this link.
  7. The editor considers whether the manuscript is accepted or not based on the reviewer's comments. If the manuscript is accepted, there will be conditions: accepted without revision or accepted with revision. If the manuscript is accepted with revision, the manuscript is returned to the author(s) along with the reviewer’s comments and the author(s) must immediately revise and send back the revised manuscript based on the given time limit.
  8. If the manuscript is accepted without revision, the author(s) will get an acceptance notification and the author(s) is required to send a COPYRIGHT TRANSFER AGREEMENT which can be download in this link.
  9. The editor copies the manuscript and checks the writing of the manuscript before it is later published.
  10. The checked manuscript is sent to the author(s) for proofreading.
  11. The editor publishes the final manuscript.