Written Guidelines

  1. Manuscripts written for Dielektrika involve research results in the field of Information Technology and Computer Science.
  2. Dielektrikastrictly does not accept manuscripts via email. Manuscripts must be submitted via the web system (OJS, http://dielektrika.unram.ac.id/index.php/dielektrika/index ). For those who are never registered, please register first before submission.
  3. The length of the manuscript is expected to at least 6 pages and not exceed 10 pages including Figures, Tables, and References.
  4. Manuscripts must be written by using the DIELEKTRIKA’s style provided in the paper guidelines and template which can be downloaded in the Link for windows.
  5. Script writing is suggested with the following structural parts: Abstract, Keywords, Introduction – Previous works- Research Method - System Design (optional) - Results and Discussion – Conclusion – Acknowledgment (optional), and References. A clear theorem doesn't need to be written, it can be represented by citation. Unclear evidence or theory where the author explains expanding it can be added after the Introduction.
  6. When submitting a manuscript, it is required to submit an Ethics Statement of publication. More detailed publication ethics can be read at this link. Ethics Statement of the publication is expected to be read, obeyed and signed before being sent. The publication's ethics statement can be download in this link .
  7. Each manuscript in Dielektrikawill be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers within a double-blind review system. All review processes are carried out online through the DIELEKTRIKA’s OJS system and the progress of the script can be monitored by the author through the DIELEKTRIKA’s OJS system.
  8. The duration time needed for the publication process in the Dielektrikastart from the paper submission until it is declared be accepted by the editor will not be same depending on the review process of the manuscript. In addition, the editor cannot guarantee the time to issue with certainty, which strictly depends on a new/revision manuscript sent by the author, review process and editing of the manuscript.
  9. Manuscripts that have been declared accepted with or without revisions by editorial teams and reviewers, the authors must submit the Copyright Transfer/Agreement which is available in this link. The authors are not charged anything for publishing a manuscript.
  10. Editing of the manuscript before published is done by the editor and/or by involving the authors. The Manuscripts that have been in print form can be canceled by the editor if the problem is found especially for publication ethics (data fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism).
  11. Anything regarding the license of computer software for the making of manuscripts or other matters relating to intellectual property rights of the manuscript, along with the legal consequences which may arise because of it, become a responsibility of the author of the manuscript.